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You receive an e-mail message that informs you that a terrible virus has been unleashed on the internet and that you should warn all the people in your address book. Which of the following have you most likely encountered?

  1. A virus hoax
  2. A filter
  3. Spam
  4. A virus
  5. A worm

Option D
DVD stands for

  1. Digital video disk
  2. Digital versatile disk
  3. Digital video device
  4. Both 1 and 2

Option B
The ________ key will launch the start button.

  1. Esc
  2. Shift
  3. Windows
  4. Shortcut

Option C
An E-R diagram is a graphic method of presenting

  1. primary keys and their relationships
  2. primary keys and their relationships to instances
  3. entity classes and their relationships
  4. entity classes and their relationships to primary keys
  5. None of the above

Option C
MS Access is an _______

  1. D.B.A
  2. D.B.M.S
  3. D.B.M
  4. All the above

Option B
What is the term for unsolicited e-mail ?

  1. newsgroup
  2. Usenet
  3. backbone
  4. spam
  5. flaming

Option D
Magnetic tape is a..?

  1. Random access medium
  2. A parallel access medium
  3. Serial access medium
  4. All of the above
  5. None of these

Option C
….. is an icon that opens a folder of icons for all the resources on the computer like hard drive and printer?

  1. My documents
  2. Recycle bin
  3. My computer
  4. Accessories
  5. None of these

Option C
Unsolicited commercial email is commonly known as

  1. Spam
  2. Junk
  3. Hoaxes
  4. Hypertext

Option A
What do we call a blinking indicator that shows you where your next action will happen?

  1. CPU
  2. Cursor
  3. Tool bar
  4. Boot

Option B
___________ is an example of a High Level language.

  1. C ++
  2. Java
  3. Assembly language.
  4. Both A & C

Option D
The first generation of computers was based upon?

  1. Transistors
  2. ICs
  3. Valves
  4. Conductor
  5. Diodes

Option C
A peripheral device used in a word processing system is a ________

  1. Floppy disk
  2. Magnetic card reader
  3. CRT
  4. All

Option D
Which of the following categories would include a printer and a monitor?

  1. Storage Devices
  2. Input Devices
  3. Pointing Devices
  4. Output Devices
  5. Scanning

Option D
Soft copy refers to __________

  1. Printed output
  2. Music sounds
  3. Screen output
  4. Digitizing

Option *
The rules of a language are called its __________.

  1. structure
  2. code
  3. syntax
  4. rigidity
  5. None of these

Option C
The comprehensive software system that builds, maintains and provides access to a database

  1. CPU
  2. DASD
  3. CAI
  4. DBMS

Option D
A directory with in a directory is called __________

  1. Mini
  2. Junior
  3. Part
  4. Sub

Option D
What is the default extension of corel draw files?

  1. .crd
  2. .cdr
  3. .cdw
  4. .cld

Option B
When you quickly press and release the left mouse button twice, you are?

  1. primary clicking
  2. pointing
  3. double clicking
  4. secondary clicking
  5. None of these

Option C