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Which of the following is an acronym for Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator?

  2. EDSAC
  3. EDVAC
  4. Abacus

Option B
Which are the main provisions of information technology act 2000?

  1. Legal recognition digital signatures and documents
  2. Finalization of contracts through electronic media
  3. Setting up an office for hacking with help of computer system
  4. All

Option C
Most of the internet banking sites provide which of the following feature to reduce the risk of keystroke logging for the password entry?

  1. Virtual keyboard
  2. Touchscreen
  3. Finger Touching
  4. Shape writer
  5. None of these

Option A
The software which are designed for specific purpose known as _______

  1. Application software
  2. System software
  3. Utility software
  4. All

Option C
Which of the following are computers that can be carried around easily?

  1. Laptops
  2. Supercomputers
  3. PCs
  4. Minicomputers

Option A
What kind of software would you most likely use to keep track of a billing account?

  1. World processing
  2. Electronic publishing
  3. Spreadsheet
  4. Web authoring

Option C
_______ is the ability of an operating system to control the activities of multiple programs at the same time.

  1. Multitasking
  2. Streamlining
  3. Multiuser
  4. Simulation
  5. None of these

Option A
Identify the odd one from the following?

  1. CD/DVD
  2. Floopy Disks
  3. SD Disk
  4. BIOS
  5. None of these

Option D
Which of the following chips using special external equipment can reprogram?

  1. ROM
  2. PROM
  3. SAM
  4. RAM

Option B
Process is

  1. A program is high-level language kept on disk
  2. Contents of main memory
  3. A program in execution
  4. A job in secondary memory

Option C
Network components are connected to the same cable in the –topology.

  1. Star
  2. Ring
  3. Bus
  4. Mesh

Option C
A page break means ____.

  1. Breaking a page of the document into smaller parts
  2. Starting the next part of the document on a new page
  3. Breaking a page of the document into small sentences
  4. Breaking a page of the document into small paragraphs
  5. None of these

Option B
_______ Control refers to a set of procedures used to restrict the amount of data that the sender can send before waiting for acknowledgment.

  1. Flow
  2. Transfer
  3. Transmission
  4. All the above
  5. None of the above.

Option A
Servers are computers that provide resources to the other computers connected to a _

  1. Mainframe
  2. Network
  3. Super computer
  4. Client
  5. None of these

Option B
In an information system, alphanumeric data normally takes the form of

  1. Sentences and paragraphs
  2. Numbers and alphabetical characters
  3. Graphic shapes and figures
  4. Human voice and other sounds

Option B
Transformation of input into output is performed by?

  1. Peripherals
  2. Memory
  3. Storage
  4. The Input-Output unit
  5. The CPU

Option E
ICMP, RIP and BGP protocols are applicable in — layer

  1. Network
  2. Application
  3. Presentation
  4. Session
  5. Transport

Option A
Smart card is

  1. Special purpose cards
  2. Microprocessor cards
  3. Processing unit contains memory for storing data
  4. Processing unit for software handling

Option D
The main memory of a computer can also be called _______

  1. primary storage
  2. internal memory
  3. primary memory
  4. all the above

Option D
The OS called UNIX is typically used for?

  1. Desktop computer
  2. Laptop computer
  3. Super computer
  4. PDA

Option C