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Computer – Networking

Computer networking notes for bank and insurance exams. Hardware required for networking and different types of network. Computer – Networking …

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Computer – Data and Information

Computer data and information notes for bank exams. What is data? What is information? Computer – Data and Information What …

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Computer – Memory Units like Bits, Nibble, bytes, Kilobytes

Learn about different computer memory units like Bits, Nibble, bytes, Kilobytes with these computer notes. Computer – Memory Units Memory …

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Computer – Ports, Port types and features

Learn about different type of computer ports and their features with these free computer notes online. Computer – Ports What …

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Computer – Internet and Intranet Notes

Computer notes on Internet and Intranet. Prepare for internet and intranet question answers for bank exams. Computer – Internet and …

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Computer – Software and their features

What is software and what are different features of a computer software? Learn about software with these computer notes. Computer …

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Computer – Operating System Notes

Computer notes on operating system (OS) for banking and insurance exam preparation.Windows, MAC, LINUX. Computer – Operating System An operating …

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Computer – Hardware Notes

Learn about computer hardware with these computer notes for banking and insurance exams. Computer – Hardware Hardware represents the physical …

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Computer – Motherboard and Popular Manufacturers

Computer – Motherboard and popular manufacturers of motherboard. Prepare for computer section of bank and insurance exams. Computer – Motherboard …

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Computer – Number Conversion – Binary conversion for computer exams

Learn how to convert numbers from decimal, hexa decimal and octal to Binary and vice versa. Computer – Number Conversion …

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