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India and China sign 24 Agreements in May 2015

On the 2nd day of our PM Narendra Modi’s China visit, India and China today signed a record 24 agreements …

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Geography quiz 73

Question: The Uri Hydroelectric Project is Located in 1. Jammu and kashmir 2. Himachal Pradesh 3. Uttar Pradesh 4. Haryana …

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Geography quiz 72

Question: Which is the administrative capital of Malaysia 1. Ipoh 2. Putrajaya 3. Taiping 4. Seremban Answer: 2 Question: The …

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Geography quiz 71

Question: The Vindhyan system of rocks is important for the production of 1. iron ore and manganese 2. precious and …

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Geography quiz 70

Question: The phenomenon of ‘trade winds’ takes place due to 1. conduction of heat 2. radiation 3. convection of heat …

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Geography quiz 69

Question: Where is the Sahara Desert? 1. South Africa 2. North Africa 3. Europe 4. Asia Answer: 2 Question: Monsoon …

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Geography quiz 68

Question: Which Indian region is the only place in the world where the Asiatic Wild Ass is found? 1. Sunderban …

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Geography quiz 67

Question: ‘Sal’ is a type of – 1. Evergreen tree 2. Mangrove 3. Deciduous tree 4. Coniferous tree Answer: 3 …

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Geography quiz 66

Question: Huge deposits of uranium were recently found in 1. Karnataka 2. Tamil Nadu 3. Andhra Pradesh 4. Kerala Answer: …

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Geography quiz 65

Question: The strait of Malacca lies between: 1. Myanmar and Malaysia 2. Malaysia and Indonesia 3. Indonesia and Philippines 4. …

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